Differences between LCD and OLED

Differences between LCD and OLED

Although the LCD screen can Display tens of thousands of colors, its internal luminous source has only one color and it can only emit white light. So how do engineers make this kind of light change thousands of colors?

It turns out that engineers used a material called liquid crystal, which can control the magnitude of the voltage to control the amount of light passing through, so that the backlight layer of the lcd can pass through the liquid crystal, so that we can control the amount of light passing through. lcd is The acronym for liquid crystal Display, but this does not constitute the color image we see, so while adding the liquid crystal layer, it is still necessary to add a colored light-transmitting film to it, so that it can display different reds, generally 256 red songs are displayed. By controlling each lcd panel, and then adding red, green and blue light-transmitting films, a pixel on the screen is formed. Each color has 256 kinds of brightness, and the combination of three colors can Display 16 million colors.

lcd screens have such a problem. Because the backlight layer is fully lit, the backlight layer on a certain pixel cannot be controlled, and the liquid crystal layer cannot be completely turned off, so there will be light leakage when displaying black. Its biggest advantage is that there is no screen flicker, because it adjusts the brightness through the voltage level, and the changes are relatively gentle and there is no sudden change, so there is no eye discomfort when staring at the lcd for a long time. Compared with LCD, the principle of OLED screen is much simpler. The color of oled is directly controlled by a single LED lamp, without the use of liquid crystal and light-transmitting film, so it can be made thinner, and the thickness can be achieved by a third of the LCD screen. One. It has the characteristic of bending. Since each LED can be switched on and off individually, the LED can be turned off directly when displaying black, so that pure black can be displayed. You can see the difference between the two screens when displaying pure black. Performance, at this time the dark mode takes advantage of oled.

If we want to display the time, the oled screen only needs to light up the LEDs in a certain area, while the backlight board of the LCD screen needs to be all lit. Since oled does not need to affect these layers, but directly emits light, the Display of oled will be more gorgeous.

Compared with LCD, the advantage of OLED is obvious, but one thing is incomparable to LCD, that is, the dimming method of OLED is switch adjustment. It adjusts the brightness by frequently switching LED lights, and the number of switches per second can reach 700. Second, although the human eyes cannot notice this change, some people’s eyes will be very uncomfortable over time.