Deformed Building Blocks completed the B2 round of financing of over 100 million yuan, GGV led the investment, and Meituan Dragon Ball entered the game

Deformed Building Blocks completed the B2 round of financing of over 100 million yuan, GGV led the investment, and Meituan Dragon Ball entered the game

On November 1st, “Deformed Building Blocks”, a leading company in the prefabricated decoration industry, announced that it had completed its B2 round of financing over 100 million yuan. This round was led by GGV Jiyuan Capital, followed by Meituan Longzhu. All the old shareholders continued to overweight, and the B round of financing The total amount exceeds 250 million yuan. Zhang Yiran, founder and CEO of Deformation Building Blocks, said that this round of financing is the third round of financing completed by the company in the past year. The expansion of service efficiency has been improved, laying the foundation for the layout of prefabricated business from the B-end to the C-end.

In September of this year, Deformed Building Blocks announced that it had reached a strategic cooperation with Zhangjiagang in the headquarters project, and will invest 1 billion yuan to build an intelligent manufacturing factory to further improve the national supply chain system. The company continues to actively introduce top professionals in the industry and improve its business and management team to meet the needs of rapid brand expansion. At present, Deformed Building Blocks has reached strategic cooperation agreements with authoritative institutions including China Academy of Building Research and China Building Standards Design and Research Institute to jointly promote the formulation of prefabricated hardcover standards and product and technology research and development.

Since its establishment three years ago, Deformed Building Blocks has completed the running-in period of products, businesses and teams, and has established benchmark customers in the fields of hotels, residences, office spaces, etc., and strives to digitalize products, systematize management, and intelligentize production, aiming to become a domestic prefabricated decoration. The benchmark service provider in the field. On the basis of maintaining the rapid growth of the B-end business, the company will build the first SaaS service platform for the whole process of prefabricated decoration in China, establish a national service network, and expand the business scene from to B to to C, and strive to spend 3-5 years. Create a home improvement platform of “the first industrialized decoration in China”.

Fu Jixun, the global managing partner of GGV Jiyuan Capital, said that the deformed building blocks are our important layout in the field of industrial Internet and carbon neutrality. Since the last round of leading investment, we are delighted to see that under the leadership of founder Zhang Yiran, Deformed Building Blocks has made more than expected progress in various dimensions such as business growth, model innovation and team iteration. Therefore, we will continue to lead the new investment firmly. round, and will support the company to become a platform-level enterprise under the wave of digital decoration in China for a long time.

Yu Hong, a partner of Meituan Longzhu, said that the popularity of prefabricated decoration is the inevitable result of the in-depth development of my country’s Industry 4.0 and the continuous increase in consumer demand for life. Only three years after its establishment, Deformation Building Blocks has been firmly in the top camp of to B prefabricated decoration, which reflects the team’s precise grasp of market demand and rapid adaptability. With the expansion of product lines and the continuous improvement of production capacity, Meituan Longzhu is optimistic that the company’s business coverage will expand from the B-end to the C-end, and the blue ocean of the prefabricated decoration market will be locked in advance.

1. Layout Zhangjiagang: Deformed building blocks to be the leader in prefabricated decoration

In September of this year, Deformation Building Blocks announced that it had reached a cooperation agreement with Zhangjiagang to invest a total of 1 billion yuan in the construction of its global headquarters base. After completion, the base covering an area of ​​105 mu will realize three core functions: one is to become another self-operated core intelligent factory under Deformed Building Blocks; the other is to launch the prefabricated interior R&D center jointly built with Tongji University; the third is to land The first digital and intelligent industrial platform focusing on prefabricated decoration. Through this cooperation, Deformed Building Blocks will further improve the national supply chain layout, with Zhangjiagang Smart Factory and Shanghai Branch established in October this year as the core, and comprehensively radiate to the Yangtze River Delta region with strong market demand.

With the increasing advantages of production cost and delivery quality and the support of relevant national policies, prefabricated decoration has changed the status quo of traditional decoration, which takes a long time and relies on labor for quality. It is the most potential development trend in the building decoration industry. It is estimated that by 2025, the scale of my country’s prefabricated decoration market will exceed 630 billion yuan. Deformed building blocks will be committed to breaking through the bottleneck of the traditional decoration industry, reshaping the industry structure, and leading the track into the era of technical racing.

1. Smart Factory

It is reported that this is another new type of intelligent manufacturing factory built by Deformed Building Blocks after the first smart factory in Xiongan New Area. With the introduction of AI, AR, VR, big data and robotics technology, this factory will be built into a smart factory Version 2.0 is mainly responsible for the production of the whole chain of products and cooperates with the Shanghai branch with BIM as the core to ensure the supply chain of deformed building blocks in the Yangtze River Delta.

2. R&D Center

Deformed Building Blocks will cooperate with Tongji University to build a prefabricated interior R&D center to further enhance the company’s independent R&D capabilities and build a technological moat while promoting the commercialization of new technologies.

3. Digital and intelligent industry platform

At present, Deformation Building Blocks has successively cooperated with commercial projects in multiple sectors, and its business scope covers high-end residences, star-rated hotels and smart health care. Based on the previously accumulated data and information assets, the company will focus on building the first digital-intelligent B2B2C process management platform in the prefabricated decoration industry, and build a cloud industry solution service platform.

2. Upgrade the talent echelon: Deformed building blocks are moving towards the first intelligent prefabricated decoration brand

While constantly iterating the business model, Deformed Building Blocks has comprehensively upgraded the company’s talent echelon construction. In the supply chain line, the company introduced the core members of the original Lenovo Group supply chain, who have 20 years of supply chain management experience and have participated in the construction of multiple factories. In the construction of the BIM intelligent system, the deformation building blocks will be led by the core project leaders from the German RIB Group and the Seiko Steel Structure Group. In terms of brand management, Deformed Building Blocks has also introduced a senior brand director with more than ten years of experience in brand integrated marketing, who has served as a senior brand director of well-known institutions such as “Southern Metropolis Daily” and Blue Cursor.

In the view of founder and CEO Zhang Yiran, the purpose of joining the new business leader is to make Deformable Building Blocks the first smart prefabricated decoration brand in the residential field. After 3 years of development, Deformed Building Blocks has won praise and reputation in the industry for its standardized products and construction, and has accumulated a large amount of industry data and solutions through the in-depth information management process. In the next step, the company will transform into a SaaS-enabled city service provider: continue to promote product system research and development and technological iteration in the B-end field where it is good at; in the C-end market, which is more imaginative and has higher demand for personalized customization, it will enable the industry to reduce The industry threshold, and through the accumulation of urban benchmark cases, the public’s awareness of deformed building blocks and “prefabricated decoration” has been gradually established.

In the next 3 to 5 years, Deformable Building Blocks is expected to create a full range of digital-driven industrial decoration products, providing home improvement customers with integrated solutions that are effective, time-consuming, highly standardized, and become a “new force” brand for home decoration. .

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