Create a new entrance to the smart cockpit!Goodix’s innovative in-vehicle fingerprint solution was first commercialized on a large scale

Create a new entrance to the smart cockpit!Goodix’s innovative in-vehicle fingerprint solution was first commercialized on a large scale

On March 18, the high-end car brand Lynk & Co held an online global “Experience Meeting”, and the cloud live broadcast “crazy design, no expense” to create a number of black technologies for the 05 model, showing the evolutionary trend of future smart cars. Goodix Technology is the first to launch a vehicle-grade fingerprint recognition solution applied to smart cockpits, which was first commercialized in the Lynk & Co 05 model. With the evolution of automobile intelligence, this solution will broaden the imagination dimension of smart travel in terms of car networking and vehicle anti-theft.

The future travel mode with both intelligence and efficiency has arrived! Goodix’s in-vehicle fingerprint solution creates an exclusive smart cockpit “entrance” for each Lynk & Co 05 driver: touch the fingerprint key below the central control screen to identify the identity, rearview mirror angle, seat position, lighting, air conditioning, instrumentation Display, vehicle security and system settings can be automatically synchronized to your habitual settings, eliminating tedious adjustment steps; through fingerprint verification, you can also open the Electronic glove box and the private lock of the trunk, so that your privacy and belongings are safe. Yu; supports multi-person personalized account fingerprint login, providing convenience for multi-user usage scenarios such as private cars and official cars.

Innovation in the automotive field has to go through more severe and longer-lasting tests of vehicle reliability and harsh environments. Goodix Technology has been devoted to research and development in the field of automotive electronics for several years, and can provide customers with complete automotive fingerprint software and hardware solutions, which meet the requirements of automotive-grade quality certification (AEC-Q100 and IATF16949) in chip design, production, packaging and testing. , without fear of environmental influences such as cabin temperature, humidity, electromagnetic, etc., to ensure the stable performance and delivery quality of fingerprint recognition.

“Automotive intelligence is the general trend,” said Dr. Pibo, CTO of Goodix Technology, “Goodix Technology will give full play to its technological leadership in the fields of human-computer interaction, biometrics and the Internet of Things, and cooperate with well-known domestic and foreign car companies and OEM manufacturers. Innovate, jointly promote the implementation of innovative applications in the era of intelligent connected vehicles, and make active explorations and contributions to tailor-made safer, more convenient and intelligent driving experiences for global consumers.”

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