Core Vision, Huada Jiutian, and Gaolun Electronics, who will be the first listed stock on EDA?

Core Vision, Huada Jiutian, and Gaolun Electronics, who will be the first listed stock on EDA?

The battle for the first EDA listing is here!

On June 2, the three EDAs announced the relevant news about listing counseling at the same time. Core Vision disclosed the relevant information about the listing on the main board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and announced that it would move to the main board. Finish.

The market can’t help but wonder, who can win the first EDA listing?

The Core Vision Science and Technology Innovation Board has turned to the main board

On June 2, Minsheng Securities Co., Ltd. disclosed the basic information table of guidance on the initial public offering of shares by Beijing Core Vision Software Technology Co., Ltd. and its listing on the main board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

It is worth mentioning that the core vision is not the first time to enter the IPO. After the company entered the science and technology innovation board, after a round of inquiries and replies, it withdrew the IPO termination review of the science and technology innovation board.

Core Vision, Huada Jiutian, and Gaolun Electronics, who will be the first listed stock on EDA?

Image source: Official website of the Shanghai Stock Exchange

The company submitted the IPO application documents on the Science and Technology Innovation Board on May 19, 2020, entered the “inquired” status on June 15, 2020, and responded to the first round of inquiries on August 7 of the same year.

On September 29, 2020, the company needs to submit supplementary submissions because the financial information recorded in the issuance and listing application documents has expired. According to Article 64(6) of the Review Rules, the SSE suspends its issuance and listing review.

It is worth noting that the core technology has been disputed by the market before, and more than 5.5 million invoices have been reported by customers as arrears.

The company’s main business is relying on self-developed Electronic design automation (EDA) software to provide integrated circuit analysis services and design services. Since its establishment, the company has established three major business segments: integrated circuit analysis, integrated circuit design and EDA software licensing. These services/products are mainly aimed at IC design companies, integrated device manufacturers, electronic product system manufacturers, scientific research institutes, forensic identification agencies and law firms and other customers. semiconductor-like devices provide process and technology analysis services (such as process/circuit/competitiveness/layout structure analysis, etc.), intellectual property analysis and identification services (such as patent/layout design infringement analysis, etc.), design outsourcing, mass production outsourcing and IP Licensing and other IC design services, as well as a variety of EDA software licensing services.

According to financial data, Core Vision’s revenue in 2017, 2018, and 2019 was 73.7052 million yuan, 114 million yuan, and 160 million yuan respectively; the corresponding net profits in the same period were 25.9363 million yuan and 4022 million yuan respectively. 86,000 yuan and 75,344,500 yuan.

Who will be the first stock listed on EDA?

EDA is a kind of software used to design chips, known as the “mother of chips” and the jewel in the crown of the chip industry. At present, there are no EDA listed companies in China’s A-share market.

In addition to the core vision of receiving listing counseling again, it is worth mentioning that another EDA company, Beijing Huada Jiutian Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Huada Jiutian”) officially launched its listing in February this year. On June 2, the announcement announced the completion of the GEM listing counseling. The company is currently the first company in the domestic EDA industry to choose to be listed on the Growth Enterprise Market.

According to the official website of Beijing Huada Jiutian Technology Co., Ltd., Huada Jiutian was established in 2009 and is committed to providing one-stop EDA and related services for the semiconductor industry. It claims to be the largest and most powerful EDA leading enterprise in China.

In terms of EDA, Huada Jiutian can provide full-process solutions for analog/digital-analog hybrid IC design, digital SoC IC design and optimization solutions, EDA tools for wafer manufacturing, and full-process solutions for flat panel Display (FPD) design. The world’s original leading technology.

The related services provided around EDA include wafer fabrication engineering services and design support services, of which wafer fabrication engineering services include PDK development, model extraction, and yield improvement big data analysis.

In addition, another Shanghai Gailun Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Gailun Electronics”) yesterday (June 2) disclosed the listing counseling summary report, announcing the completion of the listing counseling. The company announced on January 21 that it had accepted listing counseling. Select the listing destination on the Science and Technology Innovation Board.

The main business of Gelun Electronics is to provide customers with EDA products and solutions that have been widely verified and used by the world’s leading integrated circuit design and manufacturing companies for a long time. The main products and services include manufacturing EDA tools, design EDA tools, and semiconductor device characteristics. Test instruments and semiconductor engineering services, etc.

Focusing on the forward-looking vision and layout in the EDA industry, the company has mastered key EDA technologies that are competitive in the international market. The products have been mass-produced and applied by global leading customers for many years, and have strong industry integration capabilities and development potential. At present, the company has three core technologies of manufacturing EDA technology, design EDA technology, semiconductor device characteristic testing technology and nearly 20 subdivided products and services.

Image Credit: Company Announcement

The financial data shows that the revenue of Gelun Electronics in 2018, 2019 and 2020 was 51.9486 million yuan, 65.4866 million yuan and 137 million yuan respectively; the corresponding net profit in the same period was -7.9032 million yuan respectively , -877 million yuan, 27.8917 million yuan.

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