Chip shortages, Ford’s North American plants to stop production

Chip shortages, Ford’s North American plants to stop production

According to foreign media reports, Ford Motor’s vice president of manufacturing and labor affairs John? In a memo to all manufacturing employees on Tuesday local time, John Savona (John Savona) said the chip shortage continues to challenge North American factories.

According to foreign media reports, the global automotive chip shortage that started at the beginning of this year is still ongoing. Ford is the one that is more affected. They announced in March that due to the shortage of chips, their six factories in North America will be In April, there will be different levels of production suspension or cancellation of overtime.

Judging from the latest reports from foreign media, the impact of chip shortages on Ford vehicles continues. Many of their factories in North America will be shut down again this month due to chip shortages.

Several of Ford’s North American plants, which will shut down in May, also stopped production in April. North American plants that shut down or reduced production in April, including the Dearborn, Michigan plant that makes the F-150 pickup; Kansas City assembly plant; Louisville, Kentucky, and Ontario assembly plants; Ford plants in Chicago, Illinois and Ohio , also cut overtime plans in April.

A shortage of automotive chips, which has affected production, will also affect Ford’s performance this year, which they have previously said could cut profits this year by $1.0 billion to $2.5 billion.

The Chicago Assembly Plant, Flat Rock Assembly Plant, F-150 Assembly Plant and Shipping Line in Kansas City, and Wayne, Michigan Assembly Plant will shut down production for two weeks beginning May 17 and May 24, its memo shows. Ford’s assembly plant in Avon, Ohio, will still only produce some models, including mid-size trucks, for the week that begins May 17, and will also shut down the week beginning May 24. Ford’s assembly plant in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, will stop production until next week.

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