Black Matrix Screen, generally abbreviated as BMC. The fluorescent dots of this screen are coated with toner particles to improve the contrast, so it is much darker than conventional picture tubes, and the ability to resist external light interference is greatly enhanced, which can significantly improve the contrast of the image and make the color of the picture look more vivid.

Display classification

From the early black and white world to the color world, displays have gone through a long and arduous journey. With the continuous development of Display technology, the classification of displays has become more and more detailed. There are more than 500 LED display factories in Shenzhen. Among them, 40% are mainly to provide processing services, as well as small workshop-style production, and there are also a group of production enterprises focusing on quality and research and development.

It is a display using a cathode ray tube (Cathode Ray Tube). The cathode ray tube is mainly composed of five parts: electron gun (Electron Gun), deflection coils (Deflection coils), shadow mask (Shadow mask), phosphor layer (Phosphor) And glass shell. It is one of the most widely used displays. CRT flat-screen displays have large viewing angles, no dead pixels, high color reproduction, uniform chroma, adjustable multi-resolution mode, and extremely short response time. LCD displays are difficult to exceed The advantages. According to different standards, CRT monitors can be divided into different types.

The LCD display is a liquid crystal display. The advantages are thin body, small footprint, small radiation, and give people the image of a healthy product. However, the LCD screen may not be able to protect the eyes, it depends on the habits of each person using the computer.
The working principle of LCD liquid crystal display, there are many liquid crystal particles inside the display, they are regularly arranged into a certain shape, and the colors of each side of them are differently divided into: red, green, and blue. These three primary colors can be restored to any other colors. When the monitor receives the display data from the computer, it will control each liquid crystal particle to rotate to a different color surface to combine into different colors and images. Also because of the shortcomings of such LCD screens are that the colors are not bright enough and the viewing angle is not high.

LED display (LED panel): LED is light emitting diode, the abbreviation of light emitting diode, abbreviated as LED. It is a display screen used to display various information such as text, graphics, images, animation, quotation, video, and video signals by controlling the display mode of semiconductor light-emitting diodes.
The technological progress of LED is the biggest driving force to expand market demand and application. Initially, LEDs were only used as micro-indicators in high-end equipment such as computers, audio and video recorders. With the continuous advancement of large-scale integrated circuits and computer technology, LED displays are rising rapidly and gradually expanded to stock market stock machines and digital cameras. , PDA and mobile phones.
LED display integrates microelectronics technology, computer technology, and information processing. With its bright colors, wide dynamic range, high brightness, long life, stable and reliable work, etc., it has become the most advantageous new generation of display media. LED displays have been widely used. It can be used in large squares, commercial advertisements, stadiums, information dissemination, press releases, securities trading, etc., to meet the needs of different environments.