Apple may realize ARM camp’s dream of defeating Intel in PC market

Apple may realize ARM camp’s dream of defeating Intel in PC market

The M1 processor launched by Apple is the most powerful processor in the ARM camp, and its performance is also comparable to Intel’s Core i7, which is of great significance. The Mac equipped with the M1 processor will bring a huge impact on the PC market. The dream of beating Intel in the PC market will hopefully become a reality.

Apple may realize ARM camp’s dream of defeating Intel in PC market

The ARM camp has always wanted to enter the PC market

Before Apple, the ARM camp has always prayed to enter the PC market where Intel has an advantage. Google’s Chromebook uses both Intel and ARM processors. Chromebooks are quite popular in the US education market.

In 2018, Microsoft of the wintel alliance cooperated with Qualcomm to release ARM notebooks. This is another attempt by the ARM camp to attack the PC market. However, for more than two years, such notebooks have rarely been seen in the market, and they are still popular in the consumer and enterprise markets. Intel rules.

There are many reasons that make it difficult for ARM to shake Intel in the PC market, but the main reason is that the ARM architecture processor lags far behind the X86 processor in terms of performance. The original intention of ARM is low power consumption. After all, ARM is aimed at the mobile market from the beginning, and it needs to insert a small enough chip into the narrow space of consumer Electronic products such as mobile phones, which also causes the performance of the ARM architecture processor to be too weak, especially In terms of multi-threading, it is far inferior to Intel’s processors.

Apple may realize ARM camp’s dream of defeating Intel in PC market

In order to improve performance, ARM has been working hard to develop high-performance cores with powerful performance in recent years, and the performance has improved rapidly. However, processors designed by Qualcomm and Huawei using the ARM public version core are still unable to match Intel’s processing performance. Apple, which has obtained ARM authorization to develop its own core architecture, has become the hope of the ARM camp.

Apple M1 may be expected to break the ground in the PC market

The A-series processors developed by Apple have always represented the strongest performance of the ARM camp. The A-series processors developed by Apple have gradually caught up with Intel’s processors in terms of single-core performance. The A14 processor launched this year is in terms of single-core performance. It is comparable to Intel’s i9, but its weakness is still multi-threading capability.

Apple may realize ARM camp’s dream of defeating Intel in PC market

Apple’s M1 this time has enhanced multi-threading capabilities. It adopts an eight-core architecture, while the A14 processor is a six-core architecture; the A14 processor cannot be made larger due to the size of the mobile phone and the matching cooling equipment is weak. , Because the M1 processor can be used in a Mac and can be made larger and matched with a more capable radiator and fan, the performance of the M1 is far stronger than that of the A14. The multi-core performance of the M1 processor is said to be comparable to Intel’s i7.

In addition to the powerful processor performance, Apple also has strong software development capabilities. It has successfully ported the MacOS system from IBM’s power architecture to Intel’s X86 architecture before, so porting the MacOS system from the X86 architecture to the ARM architecture also At the same time, it develops the iOS system for mobile phones as a closed system, and the iOS system has formed a complete ecosystem. In recent years, Apple has been promoting the integration of the iOS system and the MacOS system, so it can use the ecosystem of the iOS system to enrich MacOS system, to avoid the lack of ecology after porting MacOS system to ARM architecture.

Apple has proven itself many times before as an innovation leader in the technology industry. Its iPod revolutionized the MP3 industry, the iPhone ushered in the smartphone era, and the iPad wiped out Intel’s netbooks. ARM-based Macs will also have the potential to change the PC market.

To sum up, Baiming Technology believes that the PC product launched by Apple this time – ARM-based MAC is a product it will launch after full preparation. It will be a huge blow to Intel, which has monopolized the PC market for many years, and once Apple’s MAC Breaking the situation, many ARM manufacturers will follow up quickly, and the dream of beating Intel in the PC market that the ARM camp expects will become a reality.

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