Apple issues patent for autonomous vehicle V2V communication system to automatically select resources required for communication

Apple issues patent for autonomous vehicle V2V communication system to automatically select resources required for communication

According to foreign media reports, recently, the US Patent & Trademark Office (US Patent & Trademark Office) published a patent related to Apple’s Titan project, involving the V2V communication system for autonomous vehicles.

Apple’s patent background explains that V2X and V2V communication is a vehicle technology designed to allow vehicles to communicate with each other, as well as with other devices, such as pedestrian smartphones and traffic lights. These technologies have the potential to redefine transportation by providing a real-time, highly reliable and actionable flow of information that supports safety, mobility, and environment-related applications. Additionally, these technologies could pave the way for connected autonomous driving (CAD).

Devices participating in a V2V system need to obtain appropriate resources, such as frequency resources, in order to communicate with each other. Resource selection can be performed with the aid of the cellular base station or automatically. Automatic mode operation is essential because cellular networks cannot ensure coverage of all geographic locations in which the vehicle travels. In such situations, the ability for vehicles (or other devices) to automatically implement resource selection in a specific way (eg, appropriate allocation of spectrum resources to devices in a specific area) is critical to the successful deployment of V2V technology.

Apple’s patent relates to an automatic mode operation technique for user equipment (UE) to select spectrum resources. In some application scenarios, UEs in the sensing window can measure resources transmitted by other UEs, and receive connection end control information (SCI) transmitted by other UEs. Based on these measurements, the UE may selectively exclude spectrum resources from the set of possible resources to obtain a final set of resources for transmitting information.

The following Apple patent Figure FIG. 1 is a system example diagram of a deployable system and method. As shown, the system 100 may include a telecommunications network including a radio access network (RAN) #120 connected to a core network (CN) #130. RAN and CN 30 may provide network connectivity to UE #110. The RAN 20 may include 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) base station #125 and 3GPP 5G eNBs (Evolved Node Base Stations).

Furthermore, 5G D2D (device-to-device) communication may include direct communication between UEs using 5G NR resources (eg via a D2D connection). When the UE 110 is a vehicle, the D2D connection may include a V2V connection. While the focus here is on V2V connections, the technique may be equally applicable to V2X connections.

Patent Figure Patent Figure Figure 2 is an example diagram of the core network; Patent Figure Figure 3 is an example process flow chart of UE resource selection in the automatic resource selection mode; Patent Figure Figure 8 is an example diagram, illustrating the different transmission cycles of different UE Effects of specific UE transmissions.

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