An article to understand the characteristics of “3D laser scanning technology”

An article to understand the characteristics of “3D laser scanning technology”

As an emerging surveying and mapping technology, 3D laser scanning measurement technology promotes the development of spatial data collection in the direction of real-time, high-precision, digitization and intelligence.

Compared with traditional measuring instruments such as total stations, 3D laser scanning equipment not only breaks through the single-point measurement method, but also collects spatial data that not only contains 3D coordinate information, but also the reflection intensity of points. data information.

The main features of 3D laser scanning technology are as follows:

①Non-contact measurement method.3D laser scanning technology is to record the laser signal to and from the object to be measured.

It can obtain the distance between the instrument and the measured object in time, and indirectly calculate the three-dimensional space data of the measured object, avoiding the damage caused by contact or processing the surface of the measured object, and at the same time, it provides more safety for situations that are difficult to reach by manpower. Reliable measurement method, so it is widely used in the field of cultural relics protection and restoration.

②The sampling rate is high. With the continuous development and updating of 3D laser scanning system integration technology, the current sampling rate of scanners can reach tens of thousands of points per second to millions of points per second, which reduces the effective working time and facilitates data update.

③High precision and high resolution. The 3D laser scanning equipment provides data collection methods with different densities. The sampling density interval is MIN 1mm, and the single-point positioning accuracy can reach MAX 2mm, which retains the high precision of traditional monitoring instruments.

④ The data collection method has good compatibility. The spatial data of the measured object acquired by the 3D laser scanning equipment is stored and managed by digital signals, which has all-digital features and is convenient for data exchange and sharing with other software.

⑤ initiative, dynamic, real-time and intuitive. 3D laser scanning technology achieves the purpose of collecting object data information by actively emitting laser signals to the measured object and recording the time of the laser echo, so it is not restricted by the scanning environment such as temperature, air pressure, light, etc., and has high work efficiency. After the scanning is completed, the collected point cloud data can be displayed, which is convenient for the operator to view on the spot.

⑥Can be used with external cameras and GPS systems. Combining with other equipment expands the scope of use of 3D scanners and makes the obtained information richer and more accurate. With the GPS system, it can not only improve the single-point positioning accuracy, but also use it more flexibly, which greatly expands the application range.

⑦Compact structure and strong protection. At present, the commonly used scanning equipment has a compact structure, which makes the whole compact, flexible and convenient to use. It is waterproof and moisture-proof, and has strong environmental adaptability, which is more conducive to field measurement.

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