ams and ST jointly announce best-in-class solution for secure NFC mobile payment transactions

ams and ST jointly announce best-in-class solution for secure NFC mobile payment transactions

Market-leading high-performance simulationICand sensor leading suppliersams(Amers,SIXStock code:AMS)and STMicroelectronics, the world’s leading semiconductor supplier across multiple electronics applications (STMicroelectronicsreferred to asST; NYSE:STM) Joint release of a brand newNFCA system reference design that enables greater convenience, reliability, and security for contactless transactions, while meeting the slim design requirements of mobile and wearable devices.amsand STMicroelectronics will3Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​Spain at the beginning of the month (Mobile World Congress) Demonstrate this solution in , and predict that the design will be subvertedNFCtechnology application and greatly improvedNFCpracticability.

ams and ST jointly announce best-in-class solution for secure NFC mobile payment transactions

Even if there is only room for a tiny antenna in the target device, the antenna is usually located close to a metal surface or easily obstructed by the user’s hand, which affects the transmission of RF signals.The advanced analog circuits of this reference design still have integratingamsnewly developedAS39230Analog front end (AFE) and enhancedNFC™technology, with STMicroelectronicsST21NFCCcontroller andST33G1M2Secure microcontroller, partners promise, whether it’s paying in store, subway/The urban railway ticketing system and infrastructure, as well as building access control management, will provide consumers with an easier, faster and more reliable contactless transaction experience.original equipment manufacturer(OEM)Also benefit from industry-tested standards in global markets, including common guidelines(Common Criteria),EMVCo,GlobalPlatformandVisaJack of all trades(Mastercard)American Express(Amex)and the People’s Bank of China(PBOC,People’s Bank of China).

Marketing Director, Embedded Security, STMicroelectronicsLaurent Degauqueexpress:through withNFCA leader in advanced technologyamsCollaboration enables ST to offer customers a package with higher RF performance and lower cost of integration and ownershipNFCsolution. The reference designs we co-developed can be easily integrated into a variety of products, including smartphones, smartwatches, wearables, and secure connected products, and are expected to significantly enhance the consumer’s contactless transaction experience.

amsnewAS39230Can improve the antenna signal quality, fromNFClabel, card, or card emulatorNFCThe reader sends a signal,AS39230The signal strength is modulated using traditional passive loads(PLM,passive load modulation)method10times.In space-constrained designs, the antenna size can be reduced to one-twentieth, with an area of ​​only100mm2or smaller while maintaining the same signal strength.AS39230Even the metal shell of the product is permitted to act as an antenna, which willNFCThe required board space and associated costs for the antenna are reduced to zero.

CooperateamsenhancedNFCThe chip is from STMicroelectronicsST54Esystem in package(SIP,System-in-Package)the system-in-package built-inST21NFCCcontroller,ST33G1M2 32Bit Communication IC Card(UICC,Universal Integrated Circuit Card)Secure Microcontrollers, Embedded Security Units andmicroSDcard application.

ST33G1M2Secure Cell supports the latestGlobal Platform GP2.2 OSandMIFARE® A full range of products, includingMIFAREClassicandMIFARE DESFire®, which provides market-proven best-in-class performance for banking and digital access applications and is fully compatible with major global public transport systems.based onARM® SecurCore® SC300™ 32bitRISCkernel,ST33G1M2provide common guidelines(Common Criteria)Certified security features, and high-capacity embedded with flexible configurationeFLASHflash, helpOEMVendors and service providers develop future-proof, market-proven and trusted service management(TSM,Trusted Service Management)Infrastructure Compatible Product Program.

AS39230andST54Esupport all importantNFCCard emulation standards, includingISO14443 type A/Bdata rates up to424kb/sofFeliCa,212kb/sActive peering rate of(active peer-to-peer bit rates)Gundam424kb/sofISO18092communication standard.

amsMarketing Director, Wireless Interface and Power Products DivisionMark Dicksonexpress:Consumers will continue to use their phones or smartwatches to make payments as long as the technology can complete every transaction flawlessly.By incorporating the world’s most powerful active lift technologyAS39230advanced with STMicroelectronicsNFCsystem-in-package, this reference design ensuresOEMManufacturer’s card emulation is reliable.

amsMass production from now onAS39230NFCanalog front end, while STMicroelectronics began to provide customers withST54E‘s samples. Customers can obtain product prices, reference designs, data sheets, and evaluation boards from the appropriate authorized suppliers or distributors.

amsand STMicroelectronics will2015year3moon2-5Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​Spain(Mobile World Congress)Demonstrate this solution.amsin the6Showroom6E20booth number, STMicroelectronics is located in the7Showroom7B146booth.

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ams(ams) designs and manufactures high-performance analog sensor solutions. The company’s vision is to create a perfect world by providing seamless human-machine interaction through higher-level sensor solutions.amsIts products are mainly aimed at applications requiring high precision, wide dynamic range, high sensitivity and ultra-low power consumption.amsProvides customers in the computing, consumer, industrial, medical, mobile communications and automotive markets including sensors, sensor interfaces, power managementICand wirelessICproducts included.

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