Accurate “Drip” Control – Renesas Infusion Pump Solutions

Accurate “Drip” Control – Renesas Infusion Pump Solutions

[Introduction]The medical system is very strict in controlling the dosage of medication, but common clinical infusions generally use hanging bottles, relying on eye observation and manual clips to control the dosage and speed of medication, which is a lot of work for medical staff. It may also cause deviations in the accuracy of medication. To solve this problem, Renesas has introduced the infusion pump solution, which is an instrument that can precisely control the number of infusion drops or the infusion flow rate, which ensures that the drug is evenly distributed and delivered to the patient accurately and safely.

Accurate “Drip” Control – Renesas Infusion Pump Solutions

Accurate “Drip” Control – Renesas Infusion Pump Solutions

System Block Diagram

Configuration introduction

At the heart of the Renesas infusion pump solution is the interface-rich 32-bit MCU RA4M2, which uses an efficient 40nm process and uses the TrustZone-enabled high-performance Arm® Cortex®-M33 core. Used in conjunction with the on-chip Secure Crypto Engine (SCE), it can realize the functions of a security chip, which is suitable for IoT applications that require diversified communication functions. In addition, the efficient communication interface of RA4M2 can also be extended to connect touch buttons and LCD Display modules, thus bringing a more intelligent interactive experience to the system.

For motor control, this solution uses the HVPAK programmable mixed-signal matrix SLG47105, a highly versatile device capable of designing multiple mixed-signal functions as well as high-Voltage functions in a tiny and thermally efficient IC. The SLG47105’s integrated dual H-bridge/quad half-bridge function allows it to drive different loads at up to 13.2V, with up to 2A per output. And the advanced PWM macro unit integrated inside the SLG47105 can drive multiple motors with different PWM frequencies and duty cycles. This combination of low no-load current consumption and compact size further expands the application field of the device.

In order to deepen the accuracy of the system, this scheme also adopts the high-resolution position sensor IC ZMID5201 and high-performance operational amplifiers ISL28113 and ISL28130. Among them, the ZMID5201 adopts a smarter approach to position sensing, utilizing low-cost printed circuit coils and simple metal sensing fan blades, eliminating the magnets typically used for position sensors, providing higher reliability and reducing costs. The ISL28113 and ISL28130 operational amplifiers have a wide temperature operating range to meet the temperature environment required for medical applications.

In addition to the aforementioned devices, the Renesas infusion pump solution features the DA16200 ultra-low power Wi-Fi SoC, RAA211412 buck regulator, RAA214250 linear regulator, and ICM7555 general-purpose timer, benefiting from the excellent performance of these devices , the solution has long-term battery life, and can be infused with accurate metering and stable speed, ensuring medical safety.

With the development of science and technology, both traditional medical equipment and daily necessities are developing in a more intelligent direction. In this regard, Renesas Electronics has created a series of successful product portfolios with its rich experience and excellent products, covering medical, automotive, industrial, communications and other fields, and is committed to providing customers with high-performance and cost-effective solutions. Program.

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