Academician Wu Hanming: If I don’t solve the problem of stuck neck, I can’t rest my eyes

Academician Wu Hanming: If I don’t solve the problem of stuck neck, I can’t rest my eyes

Not long ago, Academician Wu Hanming said at the 2021 Digital Expo, “The lithography machine is the crystallization of the wisdom of globalization, and it is not realistic to create it alone.” A considerable number of netizens expressed their agreement with this view, thinking that this is a down-to-earth performance. This phenomenon has aroused the author’s deep thinking. It is already 2021, and the experiences of ZTE, Huawei, DJI and other companies are obvious to all. Does it mean that until now, there are still people who believe that we have room to retreat in the face of independent core manufacturing?

I won’t mention the old things, but only three things that happened in the last half month, about Huawei, Xiaomi OV, and TSMC. On June 11, IT Home reprinted the “Ranking of Global Mobile Phone Processor Market Revenue Share in the First Quarter of 2021” by Strategy Analytics. The data shows that although HiSilicon is still in the top five, their shipments have dropped by 88% compared to the same period last year. If nothing else, this is just the beginning. If it weren’t for Huawei’s strong foundation and firm belief that domestic chips would rise one day, just to appease employees not to leave their jobs would be enough for Huawei to drink a pot.

On June 19, a rant from Honor employees went viral on the Internet, giving us a glimpse into the life of Xiaomi OV. He said that when he was still at Huawei, when the chip was not easy to use, he could directly contact HiSilicon’s designers. Even if there are differences of opinion, copying the superior can also achieve the purpose. Now cooperate with Qualcomm, if you want to feedback the problem, you have to pay 1,000 yuan first. After several weeks of communication, the problem is often still unresolved. The Sharp contrast between before and after made him feel a sense of sighing, saying, “Now Qualcomm is like the uncle, when will it be possible to use domestic chips”.

On the same day, the World Wide Web also returned the news of TSMC. Contrary to everyone’s initial assumptions, the establishment of a factory in the United States did not bring a honeymoon period for TSMC, and Liu Deyin even issued such a warning: “The chip industry is the result of global cooperation, and American companies should focus on cutting-edge technologies, not thinking about Single-handedly monopolize the global semiconductor supply chain.” The background is that TSMC and Samsung are required to produce chips in the United States on the grounds of “reducing security risks.” However, the practical result of TSMC is that the comprehensive cost of building a factory in the United States is 6 times higher than that of the “hometown”.

At this time, if you look at the three words “stuck neck” again, I believe everyone will feel more. People are for the knife, I am for the fish, and the forced suspension of HiSilicon has exacerbated this situation. Now people can take control of whoever they want. Perhaps it is precisely because I hope that everyone will face the reality. On June 22, the Central Media released such an interview video. An 86-year-old white-haired old man with serious dark circles under his eyes looked at the camera with a serious face: If I don’t solve the problem of the chip being stuck in the neck, I can’t rest my eyes. The current situation is exactly the best for us scientists, dedicated to serving the country. opportunity.

The author checked, the scientist’s name is Wang Yangyuan, who graduated from Peking University and is one of the first semiconductor talents cultivated in China. After more than 60 years of concentration, it has been difficult for the author to introduce this hard-working old man. He is not only an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, but also one of the founders of SMIC. Today’s students have become the backbone of the industry. From this, it is not difficult to understand his confidence and determination. In that era, who hasn’t studied a few projects that got stuck in the neck? What about 86 years old, is it possible to do it back then, but not now? (Li Shuangxi)

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